Is a Newborn Lifestyle Session right for you?

Baby has arrived—yay!

A squishy little one that you have waited months to hold, smell in the newborn deliciousness, and see what features adorn his/her little face.

These are the days that pass in a sleep deprived fog and it’s the little hands, toes and little bitty body you don’t want to forget.  jen5The last thing I wanted to do after getting home from the hospital was to was leave the house.

You are sore, baby is a ticking hungry time bomb, and getting everyone dressed and in the car at a certain time made me so anxious.

All more of why a Newborn Lifestyle Session is perfect.

Where does the session take place?

I come to you! I arrive to your home when the time is best for you and your family. Usually after a feeding and when the other kiddos are well rested and fed. Most often, they are scheduled at a time in the mid morning.Where in the house are pictures taken?

That is also up to you! The most popular spots are the nursery, master bedroom, and living areas. One or more areas can be used and don’t worry about cleaning! We can declutter and move things around as we go. I’m a natural light photographer and will find the best window to use for great natural light.What should I wear?

Simple is best. Sure—it feels great to get cleaned up, but a simple outfit works best. We don’t want to miss out on the little details on baby either, so hands and feet don’t need to be covered.AED_2492How long does the session last?

On average it is 45-90 minutes depending on how baby is feeling. I break for feeding and baby care and want this to be an easy and smooth process for all— and as if I am not even there.AED_6450What do I capture during the session?

I like to involve the kiddos (and furry family members) at the beginning of the session, so they can be involved early on and finished. We will get a family capture posed and lifestyle and a sibling capture. After that, baby is passed off to mom and dad for their one on one time with baby and then baby with both mom and dad. I finish the session with a few non-technical posed captures of just baby. Capturing the little details and with any props or outfit you wanted to include.When do I schedule?

Does this type of session sound great for you?  Then let’s talk! I like to have you on my schedule before baby has even arrived. I will write down your due date on my schedule and you will just touch base with me when baby arrives.  Once you contact me, we will get a date down on the schedule.

I try and make it as stress free as possible and I look forward to meeting your precious new baby!

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