Photographing your kids–and why you should be in the photo too!

As we approach the New Year, I always make sure that we have our family photo album completed for the year.  A collection of the day to day photos and professional sessions we have completed throughout the year. 20191228_104256

Before entering the photography world and understanding the importance of ME being in pictures, I was just like everyone else—

Behind the camera/phone snapping away.

Just there— capturing everyday moments and then when I would look back at the year making my album, it was pretty rare that I was in any of them.

Not the fun times at the park, the baking cookies, the funny messy life, the love and hugs, and the milestones.

Where was mom?

I know the. main reason I don’t get in the frame is because I don’t like the way I look at the moment. BUT you know what?! I find those the best moments to capture–even in the pj’s and the messy mom bun.

I always have to remind myself— Pregnancy is the biggest yearly transformation of your life. You housed, grew, and maybe fed your little one from it. Your body may look a little different than before, but it only makes you more strong, special, and beautiful.

AND any imperfection you may see is just what your children LOVE the most about you.

As a photographer, my main goal during a session is to capture the LOVE.

The LOVE that outpours when your your kiddos look at you, the hugs and fingers wrapped around you so tight. The smiles and laughter as you walk, run, jump, and twirl together.

These are the memories I aim to capture.

As the kids grow, they will love to see YOU in the photos and will remember those special memories like it was yesterday. Don’t let them look back and think, “Where is mom?”

So reach out this year–find a photographer, your husband, a stranger. Pass over your phone and get IN the pictures.

YOU are just as a special part of the memory you are trying to capture.

So just get in that frame!

I promise you won’t regret it.


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