5 Easy Tips: Capturing the Chaos with Kids.

Oh hey—here we are, another day at home.

Staying safe and staying home!

Now is the PERFECT time to pull out that camera or cell phone to capture the chaos–this special moment in time where we have never been more connected and challenged as a family.

Here are 5 tips that I use to capture the best images possible.

Tip 1: Light

83747393_10158012614429846_8441834640641097728_oPhotography is all about capturing light—and the best light will give you the best image.

So I challenge you to take a look around your house at different times of the day.

Where and when does the best light shine in?

Once you have a mental log of this great light— make it a point to play with kiddos in that perfect spot and just click away!



Tip 2: Cheese!

78138824_10157862575019846_1290827007491309568_oYes, some cheesy smiles are super cute— but it’s the real smiles you can hear the laughter all the way through the picture.

What makes your little one giggle? Is it talking about their favorite flavor of ice cream, how much their little brother or sister is stinky, or is it playing peek-a-boo, being a tickle monster, or just asking them to make a funny noise?

Find what works and play with it. I’m sure you will get a genuine smile in no time.

No smile?? That is okay too! My little man always gives the best grumpy face.


Tip 3: Move

87479028_10158127535444846_8904512634007584768_oKids don’t like to sit still.

So why make them?

Try taking a break of the indoors and going outside and let them explore.  Too cold or raining outside? Just tell them to jump, kick, or twirl.



Tip 4: Details

82456604_10157999231144846_280958489713442816_oKids seem to grow by the foot before you know it. Don’t forget to capture all of the little details.

It can be as simple as a curl of hair on the back of their neck, little fingers wrapped around their favorite toy or crayon,  chubby toes, and little sleepy heads as they nap.

All of these shots are just as important as the big ones.

Tip 5. Always be ready.



82567347_10158012615039846_5789946674734432256_oI’m always ready—usually with my phone in my back pocket.

They will only play with something so long, jump so high, hold your hand for that one instant, so you have to be ready!



And the best tip of all—

HAVE FUN with it—Pass off your phone and let them try to capture a few as well!

Creating these memories will make your kids remember “this was a time I got to spend more time with mom/dad/siblings” and less of a health crisis.

Find the JOY in all the small things, friends.

AND stay safe. ❤




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