It takes a village–

New baby is here–and love is all around. And the anticipation of baby’s arrival has passed and reality has set in. Here is this new little bundle of joy and you are theirs forever. ❤️ As National Breastfeeding Week comes to a close, I feel the need to shout out to all of the wonderfulContinue reading “It takes a village–”

Hopetwentytwo Photography: Maternity

Pregnancy. It is hard the explain the feeling of growing a sweet baby for 9 months. From hearing the word “pregnant” for the first time you are sent on a roller coaster of emotions, hormones, and adventures. The love that you will never be able to measure. Maternity Sessions are such a special session. ItContinue reading “Hopetwentytwo Photography: Maternity”

Clothing guide: What to wear during your scheduled photo session.

So you booked your photo session–now the question is WHAT TO WEAR? I love coming up with outfits for my clients, especially finding items already in their closet that can be a cohesive feel across all family members. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years. Be comfortable. Whatever outfit you chooseContinue reading “Clothing guide: What to wear during your scheduled photo session.”

5 Easy Tips: Capturing the Chaos with Kids.

Oh hey—here we are, another day at home. Staying safe and staying home! Now is the PERFECT time to pull out that camera or cell phone to capture the chaos–this special moment in time where we have never been more connected and challenged as a family. Here are 5 tips that I use to captureContinue reading “5 Easy Tips: Capturing the Chaos with Kids.”

Is a Newborn Lifestyle Session right for you?

Baby has arrived—yay! A squishy little one that you have waited months to hold, smell in the newborn deliciousness, and see what features adorn his/her little face. These are the days that pass in a sleep deprived fog and it’s the little hands, toes and little bitty body you don’t want to forget.  The lastContinue reading “Is a Newborn Lifestyle Session right for you?”

Photographing your kids–and why you should be in the photo too!

As we approach the New Year, I always make sure that we have our family photo album completed for the year.  A collection of the day to day photos and professional sessions we have completed throughout the year. Before entering the photography world and understanding the importance of ME being in pictures, I was justContinue reading “Photographing your kids–and why you should be in the photo too!”