What to Expect

Before your session: 

After booking your session with me, you will receive an email to confirm you date and time along with a copy of my contract and payment details.

I want your time with me to be stress free and fun, so I try and keep the process simple and am always here for any questions about your outfits during the session or session flow.

During your session: 

Sessions typically last 20 to 60 minutes based on what type of session you booked.

After you arrive we will have a short introduction and get started!

I like to start with a formal family “all smile and look” pose and then flow into more lifestyle type shots after each posed capture using different prompts and directions.

If you book a family session with me we will capture your family together, mom+kids, dad+kids, kids together, kids alone, mom+dad and finish up with more lifestyle fun prompts. I like to capture the kids being kids with smiles in between the fun.

After your session: 

We will finish the session with signing a copy of my contract and taking payment for your session.

I know you are excited to see your photos–just as I am to get started on them!

It takes an average of 48 hours to see a “sneak peek” of your session that will be posted on my Facebook page (if you give permission) and your Final Album will be ready within 2 weeks of your session date.

Your photos will come from Pass Gallery and I will touch base with you to make sure you receive it. Some times it can get sent to you other/spam folder.

After you receive your photos, I recommend saving ALL on your computer in the Full file size download for the best quality when printing and sharing online. Your gallery will be accessible for 2 weeks and if needed it can be posted after the 2 week deadline for a small fee.

Now that you have your photos, it is time to share and print!

I suggest sharing the full file size files and would love for you to share who took them with a little “shout out.” When printing I suggest using a professional printer such as Mpix, Nations Photo Lab, or Pass Gallery. Using chain stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart will alter the color saturation and color tones of your photos.

I am always here for questions and concerns after our time together!

Feel free to reach out and I hope to work with you again.


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