Clothing guide: What to wear during your scheduled photo session.

So you booked your photo session–now the question is WHAT TO WEAR?

I love coming up with outfits for my clients, especially finding items already in their closet that can be a cohesive feel across all family members.

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.

  1. Be comfortable. Whatever outfit you choose you want to be comfortable. Pick an outfit you can sit, stand, squat, walk, run and move freely in. I also suggest picking an outfit that works well if winds are gusty. If you pick a dress–always pick one that  is longer than your knees.
  2. Let one family member wear a print. I always suggest picking one family member as the statement piece. That can either be mom or one of the kids. This print will will contain all the other colors that the family chooses and will make the family blend together. When choosing colors don’t go too bright, such as hot pink or fuscia, since it will reflect on the face.
  3. Don’t be too matchy- matchy or just all wear white. Creating a photo that makes you “feel” is mostly because of the connection and wardrobe choice. If you are matching or all wearing the same color or white it can make the photo feel stiff and posed.
  4. Accessorize. Now is the time to pull out that jewelry you never get to wear, scarves, and hats. This will complete the package and add in a great photo prop for the session.
  5. Hair, Nails, and Make-up. Always keep the location in mind. The beach is mostly on the windy side, so depending on your hair you know what would work best. I have long hair and always opt for the half up/down look. Make sure you nails and makeup are also clean and not over done. You want to look at these pictures years from now and not them to look “dated” with hair and makeup styles.  Now is not the time to choose a loud nail color that would take away any of the focus. 
  6. Location. Depending on your location you choose, you can then decide on the colors that work well for each. For the beach, I like a pop of color on one family member or just sea (green/blue/white) colors.  For the Park setting you don’t want to blend in to the grass/trees, so stay away from greens and light yellows. Black is always a slimming color, but just make sure all members don’t wear this color, so when you are standing together you don’t blend in to each other.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Picking your outfit shouldn’t be stressful and I am always here to help!

I’m here to create a great experience for you and create a fun session time and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Posted below are a few examples below from @OldNavy.IMG_20200608_151159IMG_20200608_151248….IMG_20200608_151339

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