Hey there, Pensacola!

Military life.

The make plans.

Change plans.

Make more plans that eventually change.

Then throw in a pandemic, a house under contact, closing on said house during a stay at home order, and movers that may or may not cancel last minute.

After almost 2 months of chaos and separated as a family, we are finally making our way to our next duty station in Pensacola, FL and arrive at the end of MAY.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

We loved Pensacola when we were here 6 years ago as newlyweds and can’t wait to bring our now family of 4 four to live in this beautiful place.

As a photographer that loves the beach–this place is heaven. I can’t wait to start sessions on the white sandy beaches soon!

Hey there, Pensacola! ❤️

Interested in booking a session? Feel free to reach out—I’d love to chat!







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