Photography (noun)

Photography is more than just a picture. It is a moment in time that is paused forever. Not to be just a foggy memory of the past, but a concrete visual of the feelings of that day. The love, the cuddles, the smiles, the baby tears, the growing family, and the laughter.

If you look it up the word photography in the Webster dictionary you’ll see—

Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light.

And that is true—- it’s all about the light, but even more important is the subjects that stand in front of it.

I could always find the arts to be such a therapeutic outlet. If you didn’t know, I started in acrylics at a young age and still paint a bit in my free time. Then 5 years ago, I held my first “big girl” camera in my hands and never looked back. Photography has given me hope, healing, and a purpose. Therefore, the business name “hopetwentytwo” was created.

It is such a honor to be trusted with your memories. To capture the growing baby bumps, the tiny little newborn toes, the milestones, the extended families, and love that is shared in just less than an hour.

If I have worked with you in the past, you know I try and make the session as stress free as possible. Kids will be kids— and I know that. With 2 of my own I know that on picture day they may be the smiley-happy child or the grumpy-angry child. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it go as smooth as possible. You will play games, walk, snuggle, love on each other, and have fun. I document all the moments and the in between moments that you can look back on for years to come.

I always say, there is never a “right” time for photos, there is just right now! A time in your lives that deserves to be documented and preserved for years to come. Moments that shouldn’t be missed.

You won’t regret it, I promise!




A little different form the hype of the “New Year, New Me” we see all over the media.

Just about everywhere you turn there is a company promising you that they can make you “new” for the New Year.

But what about just starting this new year and the “same” you?


The clock strikes midnight, the new year is here, and by the end of the first day of the new year we already feel the rush of resolutions and before you know it the anxiety kicks in that we already failed.

All in the first day of the New Year.

We put these expectations on ourselves to be and do this and that, but all this reaching for your “new me” is impossible before most of us don’t even like and know the the “same me” to begin with. 

We think that this extra money, a perfect number on the scale, a new or better job, or relationship will change the base of who we are—the “me.”

Now don’t get me wrong, we all need goals and aspirations for the minute, hour, day, and year.  But as we head in to this fresh new year, start with giving yourself more credit and self love for the “same me” than setting yourself up for more disappointment and failure on trying to create a “new me.”

The past few years have been hard and has taught us all so many things.  Not to take good health for granted, spending time with loved ones is really what matters, and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of busy go- go- go life is really what we all needed. I’m sure this year will be just as challenging as the last, but whatever happens we always have ourself our “same me.”

It’s time to love yourself.

You are the same person today as you were when were born. You were cared for before you could even care for yourself. Some of us have had more struggles from day one than others but these hard days have shaped us to who we are today.

Today, it is time to care for yourself. Today is in your hands.

Time to create the next minute, day, and new year for you.

So how do you start loving your “same me?”

This can look different for all of us, but here are a few tips I plan on continuing this new year:

  1. Morning stretch and reflection.
    • I always start the day with a good stretch. No yoga degree required, just a good back, arm, and hamstring stretch. Just enough to get the body ready for the day. This is also good time as well what keeps you grounded. That could be bible study, inspirational readings, just quiet inner talk, or journaling.
  2. Get in the sun.
    • I try and take lunch outside or near a window for some fresh air and vitamin D. This always refreshes me after working and taking care of the kids all morning. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.
  3. Get active.
    • This could be a bike ride, walk, or gym session. All of these get your endorphins pumping and in a positive mindset and over that mid day slump.
  4. Drink water.
    • I’m the worst at this one, but our body’s thrive off water and dehydration is no fun. It only leads to feeling sluggish.
  5. Positive self talk.
    • Every time you say something negative about yourself, stop and re-direct your thoughts. This may be super challenging for you, but it is where the self love comes from. Let’s say you walk past the mirror and think, ”ugh, my stomach.” Redirect those thoughts and point out what that stomach has done for you. In my case I say, ” This stomach has housed 2 kids, full of nourishing food, and strong enough to support my kids as I hold them.
  6. Make goals.
    • We have all made those new year goals that lasted 2 weeks and then we spiraled back 4 weeks. Make small goals. Day to day, not week to week. Celebrate your victories and forgive yourself for any challenges you faced. Learn from those challenges and change your goal the next day. This leads to less failure and more of loving your “same me.”
  7. End the day with reflection.
    • I always end the day right before I shut my eyes with a little thanks. Thanks for today, the struggles, the joys, and for my mind and body. It survived going through the daily challenges and created new memories and adventures with my family.
  8. Reach out.
    • This self isolation, quarantine lifestyle of the past can really do a number on our mental health. Don’t feel ashamed for reaching out. Either to a friend, family member, therapist, or a hotline. I promise you are not alone in your feelings and reaching out is a great way of getting out of your struggles. 

I hope this next year brings you joy within yourself and a year from now you will be the “same you,” but even better—because now you love yourself more than ever!

Cheers and blessings to the new year!



It takes a village–

New baby is here–and love is all around.

And the anticipation of baby’s arrival has passed and reality has set in.

Here is this new little bundle of joy and you are theirs forever. ❤️

As National Breastfeeding Week comes to a close, I feel the need to shout out to all of the wonderful mommas out there that are/were able to breastfeed.

It is a journey, especially as the little one grows and it is a sacrifice on so many levels.

I know the journey oh so well and it had plenty of ups and downs.

But, I also don’t want to forget the moms that feed their little ones any other way.

The mention of this week may make you cringe, you may have struggled, cried through the nights, attended appointments with lactation specialist, or decided from the beginning that breastfeeding wasn’t your plan.

AND that is okay too!

It takes a village to raise a little one–to keep them thriving and healthy.

All of you mommas are rockstars and I’m sending a virtual “fist bump” to all of you!



Hopetwentytwo Photography: Maternity


It is hard the explain the feeling of growing a sweet baby for 9 months.

From hearing the word “pregnant” for the first time you are sent on a roller coaster of emotions, hormones, and adventures.

The love that you will never be able to measure.

Maternity Sessions are such a special session. It is time to capture a mom–glowing in the beauty of creating a little one.

This momma was a princess on the beach in the sunset.

If you ever had the thought of not capturing this special time in your life—don’t think twice about it.

Do it.  You won’t regret capturing this sweet time.


Clothing guide: What to wear during your scheduled photo session.

So you booked your photo session–now the question is WHAT TO WEAR?

I love coming up with outfits for my clients, especially finding items already in their closet that can be a cohesive feel across all family members.

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.

  1. Be comfortable. Whatever outfit you choose you want to be comfortable. Pick an outfit you can sit, stand, squat, walk, run and move freely in. I also suggest picking an outfit that works well if winds are gusty. If you pick a dress–always pick one that  is longer than your knees.
  2. Let one family member wear a print. I always suggest picking one family member as the statement piece. That can either be mom or one of the kids. This print will will contain all the other colors that the family chooses and will make the family blend together. When choosing colors don’t go too bright, such as hot pink or fuscia, since it will reflect on the face.
  3. Don’t be too matchy- matchy or just all wear white. Creating a photo that makes you “feel” is mostly because of the connection and wardrobe choice. If you are matching or all wearing the same color or white it can make the photo feel stiff and posed.
  4. Accessorize. Now is the time to pull out that jewelry you never get to wear, scarves, and hats. This will complete the package and add in a great photo prop for the session.
  5. Hair, Nails, and Make-up. Always keep the location in mind. The beach is mostly on the windy side, so depending on your hair you know what would work best. I have long hair and always opt for the half up/down look. Make sure you nails and makeup are also clean and not over done. You want to look at these pictures years from now and not them to look “dated” with hair and makeup styles.  Now is not the time to choose a loud nail color that would take away any of the focus. 
  6. Location. Depending on your location you choose, you can then decide on the colors that work well for each. For the beach, I like a pop of color on one family member or just sea (green/blue/white) colors.  For the Park setting you don’t want to blend in to the grass/trees, so stay away from greens and light yellows. Black is always a slimming color, but just make sure all members don’t wear this color, so when you are standing together you don’t blend in to each other.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Picking your outfit shouldn’t be stressful and I am always here to help!

I’m here to create a great experience for you and create a fun session time and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Posted below are a few examples below from @OldNavy.IMG_20200608_151159IMG_20200608_151248….IMG_20200608_151339

Hey there, Pensacola!

Military life.

The make plans.

Change plans.

Make more plans that eventually change.

Then throw in a pandemic, a house under contact, closing on said house during a stay at home order, and movers that may or may not cancel last minute.

After almost 2 months of chaos and separated as a family, we are finally making our way to our next duty station in Pensacola, FL and arrive at the end of MAY.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

We loved Pensacola when we were here 6 years ago as newlyweds and can’t wait to bring our now family of 4 four to live in this beautiful place.

As a photographer that loves the beach–this place is heaven. I can’t wait to start sessions on the white sandy beaches soon!

Hey there, Pensacola! ❤️

Interested in booking a session? Feel free to reach out—I’d love to chat!









The one that may have never had the chance to hold their little one at all.

The one that showed you how to be a wonderful new mom.

Addy- Newborn

The one that that wakes up early and multiple times in the night.mom4

The one that makes breakfast in a fog before the coffee is done. AED_2492

The one that says, “be careful” a thousand times a day. jen7

The one that gives hugs that make you melt and feel so secure. becky6

The one that sacrifices their minutes, hours, days, and years to make sure you are the best you can be. jackie3

The one that loves like no other and has the greatest job in the world. AED_1813

The lucky one, the one they call mom, madre’, mommy, and momma.

The one like no other.




5 Easy Tips: Capturing the Chaos with Kids.

Oh hey—here we are, another day at home.

Staying safe and staying home!

Now is the PERFECT time to pull out that camera or cell phone to capture the chaos–this special moment in time where we have never been more connected and challenged as a family.

Here are 5 tips that I use to capture the best images possible.

Tip 1: Light

83747393_10158012614429846_8441834640641097728_oPhotography is all about capturing light—and the best light will give you the best image.

So I challenge you to take a look around your house at different times of the day.

Where and when does the best light shine in?

Once you have a mental log of this great light— make it a point to play with kiddos in that perfect spot and just click away!



Tip 2: Cheese!

78138824_10157862575019846_1290827007491309568_oYes, some cheesy smiles are super cute— but it’s the real smiles you can hear the laughter all the way through the picture.

What makes your little one giggle? Is it talking about their favorite flavor of ice cream, how much their little brother or sister is stinky, or is it playing peek-a-boo, being a tickle monster, or just asking them to make a funny noise?

Find what works and play with it. I’m sure you will get a genuine smile in no time.

No smile?? That is okay too! My little man always gives the best grumpy face.


Tip 3: Move

87479028_10158127535444846_8904512634007584768_oKids don’t like to sit still.

So why make them?

Try taking a break of the indoors and going outside and let them explore.  Too cold or raining outside? Just tell them to jump, kick, or twirl.



Tip 4: Details

82456604_10157999231144846_280958489713442816_oKids seem to grow by the foot before you know it. Don’t forget to capture all of the little details.

It can be as simple as a curl of hair on the back of their neck, little fingers wrapped around their favorite toy or crayon,  chubby toes, and little sleepy heads as they nap.

All of these shots are just as important as the big ones.

Tip 5. Always be ready.



82567347_10158012615039846_5789946674734432256_oI’m always ready—usually with my phone in my back pocket.

They will only play with something so long, jump so high, hold your hand for that one instant, so you have to be ready!



And the best tip of all—

HAVE FUN with it—Pass off your phone and let them try to capture a few as well!

Creating these memories will make your kids remember “this was a time I got to spend more time with mom/dad/siblings” and less of a health crisis.

Find the JOY in all the small things, friends.

AND stay safe. ❤




Is a Newborn Lifestyle Session right for you?

Baby has arrived—yay!

A squishy little one that you have waited months to hold, smell in the newborn deliciousness, and see what features adorn his/her little face.

These are the days that pass in a sleep deprived fog and it’s the little hands, toes and little bitty body you don’t want to forget.  jen5The last thing I wanted to do after getting home from the hospital was to was leave the house.

You are sore, baby is a ticking hungry time bomb, and getting everyone dressed and in the car at a certain time made me so anxious.

All more of why a Newborn Lifestyle Session is perfect.

Where does the session take place?

I come to you! I arrive to your home when the time is best for you and your family. Usually after a feeding and when the other kiddos are well rested and fed. Most often, they are scheduled at a time in the mid morning.Where in the house are pictures taken?

That is also up to you! The most popular spots are the nursery, master bedroom, and living areas. One or more areas can be used and don’t worry about cleaning! We can declutter and move things around as we go. I’m a natural light photographer and will find the best window to use for great natural light.What should I wear?

Simple is best. Sure—it feels great to get cleaned up, but a simple outfit works best. We don’t want to miss out on the little details on baby either, so hands and feet don’t need to be covered.AED_2492How long does the session last?

On average it is 45-90 minutes depending on how baby is feeling. I break for feeding and baby care and want this to be an easy and smooth process for all— and as if I am not even there.AED_6450What do I capture during the session?

I like to involve the kiddos (and furry family members) at the beginning of the session, so they can be involved early on and finished. We will get a family capture posed and lifestyle and a sibling capture. After that, baby is passed off to mom and dad for their one on one time with baby and then baby with both mom and dad. I finish the session with a few non-technical posed captures of just baby. Capturing the little details and with any props or outfit you wanted to include.When do I schedule?

Does this type of session sound great for you?  Then let’s talk! I like to have you on my schedule before baby has even arrived. I will write down your due date on my schedule and you will just touch base with me when baby arrives.  Once you contact me, we will get a date down on the schedule.

I try and make it as stress free as possible and I look forward to meeting your precious new baby!

Photographing your kids–and why you should be in the photo too!

As we approach the New Year, I always make sure that we have our family photo album completed for the year.  A collection of the day to day photos and professional sessions we have completed throughout the year. 20191228_104256

Before entering the photography world and understanding the importance of ME being in pictures, I was just like everyone else—

Behind the camera/phone snapping away.

Just there— capturing everyday moments and then when I would look back at the year making my album, it was pretty rare that I was in any of them.

Not the fun times at the park, the baking cookies, the funny messy life, the love and hugs, and the milestones.

Where was mom?

I know the. main reason I don’t get in the frame is because I don’t like the way I look at the moment. BUT you know what?! I find those the best moments to capture–even in the pj’s and the messy mom bun.

I always have to remind myself— Pregnancy is the biggest yearly transformation of your life. You housed, grew, and maybe fed your little one from it. Your body may look a little different than before, but it only makes you more strong, special, and beautiful.

AND any imperfection you may see is just what your children LOVE the most about you.

As a photographer, my main goal during a session is to capture the LOVE.

The LOVE that outpours when your your kiddos look at you, the hugs and fingers wrapped around you so tight. The smiles and laughter as you walk, run, jump, and twirl together.

These are the memories I aim to capture.

As the kids grow, they will love to see YOU in the photos and will remember those special memories like it was yesterday. Don’t let them look back and think, “Where is mom?”

So reach out this year–find a photographer, your husband, a stranger. Pass over your phone and get IN the pictures.

YOU are just as a special part of the memory you are trying to capture.

So just get in that frame!

I promise you won’t regret it.


What to Expect

Before your session: 

After booking your session with me, you will receive an email to confirm you date and time along with a copy of my contract and payment details.

I want your time with me to be stress free and fun, so I try and keep the process simple and am always here for any questions about your outfits during the session or session flow.

During your session: 

Sessions typically last 20 to 60 minutes based on what type of session you booked.

After you arrive we will have a short introduction and get started!

I like to start with a formal family “all smile and look” pose and then flow into more lifestyle type shots after each posed capture using different prompts and directions.

If you book a family session with me we will capture your family together, mom+kids, dad+kids, kids together, kids alone, mom+dad and finish up with more lifestyle fun prompts. I like to capture the kids being kids with smiles in between the fun.

After your session: 

We will finish the session with signing a copy of my contract and taking payment for your session.

I know you are excited to see your photos–just as I am to get started on them!

It takes an average of 48 hours to see a “sneak peek” of your session that will be posted on my Facebook page (if you give permission) and your Final Album will be ready within 2 weeks of your session date.

Your photos will come from Pass Gallery and I will touch base with you to make sure you receive it. Some times it can get sent to you other/spam folder.

After you receive your photos, I recommend saving ALL on your computer in the Full file size download for the best quality when printing and sharing online. Your gallery will be accessible for 2 weeks and if needed it can be posted after the 2 week deadline for a small fee.

Now that you have your photos, it is time to share and print!

I suggest sharing the full file size files and would love for you to share who took them with a little “shout out.” When printing I suggest using a professional printer such as Mpix, Nations Photo Lab, or Pass Gallery. Using chain stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart will alter the color saturation and color tones of your photos.

I am always here for questions and concerns after our time together!

Feel free to reach out and I hope to work with you again.