Photography (noun)

Photography is more than just a picture. It is a moment in time that is paused forever. Not to be just a foggy memory of the past, but a concrete visual of the feelings of that day. The love, the cuddles, the smiles, the baby tears, the growing family, and the laughter.

If you look it up the word photography in the Webster dictionary you’ll see—

Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light.

And that is true—- it’s all about the light, but even more important is the subjects that stand in front of it.

I could always find the arts to be such a therapeutic outlet. If you didn’t know, I started in acrylics at a young age and still paint a bit in my free time. Then 5 years ago, I held my first “big girl” camera in my hands and never looked back. Photography has given me hope, healing, and a purpose. Therefore, the business name “hopetwentytwo” was created.

It is such a honor to be trusted with your memories. To capture the growing baby bumps, the tiny little newborn toes, the milestones, the extended families, and love that is shared in just less than an hour.

If I have worked with you in the past, you know I try and make the session as stress free as possible. Kids will be kids— and I know that. With 2 of my own I know that on picture day they may be the smiley-happy child or the grumpy-angry child. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it go as smooth as possible. You will play games, walk, snuggle, love on each other, and have fun. I document all the moments and the in between moments that you can look back on for years to come.

I always say, there is never a “right” time for photos, there is just right now! A time in your lives that deserves to be documented and preserved for years to come. Moments that shouldn’t be missed.

You won’t regret it, I promise!

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