It takes a village–

New baby is here–and love is all around.

And the anticipation of baby’s arrival has passed and reality has set in.

Here is this new little bundle of joy and you are theirs forever. ❤️

As National Breastfeeding Week comes to a close, I feel the need to shout out to all of the wonderful mommas out there that are/were able to breastfeed.

It is a journey, especially as the little one grows and it is a sacrifice on so many levels.

I know the journey oh so well and it had plenty of ups and downs.

But, I also don’t want to forget the moms that feed their little ones any other way.

The mention of this week may make you cringe, you may have struggled, cried through the nights, attended appointments with lactation specialist, or decided from the beginning that breastfeeding wasn’t your plan.

AND that is okay too!

It takes a village to raise a little one–to keep them thriving and healthy.

All of you mommas are rockstars and I’m sending a virtual “fist bump” to all of you!



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